Craftwood MDF Plantation Shutters


What is MDF Craftwood?

MDF Craftwood is an engineered wood made from medium density fibreboard or MDF for short. Medium density fibreboard is made by breaking down wood into wood fibre which is them formed under high pressure to create MDF. The wood used to make MDF mainly comes from timber waste such as off cuts and timber that would otherwise not be used.

MDF is a smooth, strong, uniform wood with no knots making it ideal for MDF plantation shutters.

Our MDF Plantation Shutters starts with a premium, solid composite core for the stiles to give added strength. Using only the best technology and materials we coat the MDF with a patented polypropylene that does not release any volatile organic chemicals (VOC) helping to maintain a clean atmosphere. The coating provides stain resistance for easy cleaning and protection for long life shutter performance. The Craftwood shutter can withstand the highest desert temperatures, so UK south-facing windows with temperatures of around 45 centigrade in the summer are no problem at all.

MDF Plantation Shutters

Wooden plantation shutters often use long thin pieces of wood to make up the louvres and stiles and this can make them susceptible to warping and twisting. MDF, our Craftwood shutter material, is manufactured perfectly straight or to any shape with little waste and no twisting or warping making it an ideal material to manufacture MDF Plantation shutters from.

Our Craftwood Shutters

Our MDF Interior Shutters are made with the exact same care and attention to detail as the rest of our shutter range. With engineered stiles and a protective coating, Craftwood MDF shutters are built to last. The innovation and design of the MDF shutters is borne out of years of traditional shutter making.  We use traditional assembly methods like strong mortise and tenon joints rather than weak pegs, biscuits or dowels which can be seen on the shutters from some of our competitors.

The technologies we employ and attention to detail that we lavish on our shutters enables us to offer you a peace of mind 3 year warranty on all our Craftwood Shutters.

Craftwood Shutter Options

As with our other shutter ranges MDF Plantation shutters comes with a wide selection of options to enable you to customise your shutters to suit your home and living style. You have a choice of colours, shutter frames, louvre sizes, hinge material and more.

Craftwood Louvre Sizes

With MDF Plantation shutters you have a choice of 4 different louvre sizes. We can manufacture a single panel to a maximum width of 750mm. The maximum of width of a panel that is hinged to another is 598mm, with up to 2 panels hinged together. The largest panel height is 3000mm or 3 metres and the smallest is 250mm.

Louvre Sizes

  • 47mm
  • 64mm
  • 89mm
  • 114mm

Kitchens and Bathroom Shutters

The unique stain-resistant, protective coating used on our MDF Plantation shutters makes them ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms where high humidity and splashes may occur daily. The easy clean surface makes it quick to wipe down your shutters on a regular basis without fear of damage.

We believe our Craftwood shutters to represent the best value for money shutters in the UK today.