Basswood Shutters

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What is Basswood?

Basswood is the most popular wood to be used for shutters and blinds and is a premium hardwood; A hardwood of exceptional quality.

Basswood is a deciduous tree called Lime in the UK and Linden in the USA. Many people are not familiar with the name Basswood. The term Basswood is used in America and was derived from the Bast which is the inner bark of the tree. Due to the popularity of plantation shutters in the UK and shutters originating from America, the term Basswood is now used widely in the UK and Europe.

The Basswood tree is found mainly in Asia and in most temperate climate regions including Europe and North America. It is from the Tilia species and grows to around 100ft (40m) tall with leaves 6 inches across on average.

The wood from Basswood trees is extremely versatile and its many favourable characteristics make it popular across a variety of industries. Its ease of working lends itself to model-building, carving and sculpture. Excellent acoustic properties see it used in building instruments such as guitars and most importantly and more relevantly it has become the timber of choice for window shutters and venetian blinds. Basswood has a low density making it lightweight – an important characteristic for both window shutters and venetian blinds; especially if they are being used at large windows.  It’s a dimensionally stable timber resisting swelling and shrinking and its white, creamy appearance with little grain makes it ideal for wood staining.

Premium Basswood – Plantation Shutters

Wooden plantation shutters often use long, thin pieces of wood to make up the louvres and stiles and this can make them susceptible to warping and twisting. Our Premium Basswood has a natural resistance to warping with a long, straight grain and this makes it ideal for manufacturing shutters where warping could potentially be an issue.

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Signature Shade Premium Basswood Shutters

Our Premium Basswood interior shutters are manufactured with engineered stiles.  Rather than producing these from single pieces of lumber, we cut the wood into strips and bond them back together, alternating the direction of the grain in each layer.  The result of this process gives even greater strength and prevents moisture travelling through the timber reducing the possibility of warping and twisting.  Stiles and rails are joined together with mortice and tenon joints; a vastly superior method of jointing when compared to dowelling or pegging.

This care and manufacturing excellence allows us to offer a 3 year warranty and gives you peace of mind when purchasing your Premium Basswood shutters.

Premium Basswood Shutters Finishes

We finish our premium shutters to a furniture grade standard. After the initial assembly, the shutters are hand finished and your choice of colour or stain is applied in 6 coats to produce a silky, smooth, lustrous finish. The final coat of colour or stain has a UV inhibitor to prevent fading. If you prefer something different we also offer a matt, gloss and sandblasted finish to our Premium Basswood range of shutters.

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Premium Basswood Colours (show samples)

  • Custom Colour
    Custom Colour
  • Pure White
    Pure White
  • Extra White
    Extra White
  • Silk White
    Silk White
  • Bright White
    Bright White
  • Pearl
  • Marshmallow
  • Creamy
  • Cameo
  • Crisp Linen
    Crisp Linen
  • Bisque
  • Alabaster
  • Butter
  • String
  • Linen White
    Linen White
  • White Dove
    White Dove
  • Antique White
    Antique White
  • White Birch
    White Birch
  • Rustic Grey
    Rustic Grey
  • Weathered Teak
    Weathered Teak
  • Limed White
    Limed White
  • Java Teak
    Java Teak
  • Beech
  • Natural
  • Honey
  • Golden Oak
    Golden Oak
  • Autumn Maple
    Autumn Maple
  • Oak Mantel
    Oak Mantel
  • Goldenrod
  • Pecan
  • Warm Chestnut
    Warm Chestnut
  • Bright Cherry
    Bright Cherry
  • Cherry
  • Dark Teak
    Dark Teak
  • Armoire Hickory
    Armoire Hickory
  • Cocoa
  • Cordovan
  • Rosewood
  • Paprika
  • New Ebony
    New Ebony
  • Black Walnut
    Black Walnut
  • Chestnut
  • Red Oak
    Red Oak
  • Old Teak
    Old Teak
  • Red Mahogany
    Red Mahogany
  • Dark Mahogany
    Dark Mahogany
  • Wenge
  • Auburn
  • Rich Cherry
    Rich Cherry
  • French Oak
    French Oak


Premium Basswood Louvres

The Premium Basswood shutter range includes the largest choice of louvre options available. Included in the louvre option is a Solid Panel (no louvres) shutter.

  • 32mm
  • 47mm
  • 64mm
  • 64mm S-shaped
  • 89mm
  • 114mm
  • Solid panel shutter

Arched and Shaped Plantation Shutters

We can create shaped shutters for arches, eyebrows, triangles and in fact almost any shape you can think of.

Solid Panel Shutters

More information on solid panel shutters can be found in our solid panel shutters section.

We believe our Premium Basswood shutters to be the best available in the UK. To find out more or to book a no obligation home survey telephone: 0845 058 9425.