Interior Shutters The Number 1 Choice of Window Treatment.


Interior shutters or Plantation shutters as they are known are now the first choice window dressing for the discerning homeowner. Their popularity is not just down to the sleek, chic, clean style but also their practical and functional qualities.

The term “Interior Shutters” could mean just about any shutter used inside the home but here we are talking about Plantation Shutters and Solid Panel Shutters inside the home. Plantation shutters are the ones with

adjustable louvres or as the Americans say louvers, and are commonly made in white. Although the majority of Interior Plantation Shutters are white they can be painted in any colour you like or kept with an original wood stain finish.

Interior Solid Panel Shutters are shutters that look very much like the original Victorian Shutters. A solid Shutter Door is normally made up of 2 or more panels and can made as either raised or moulded panels.

Ok so we have Interior Shutters, but what styles are there?

Interior shutters are made up of 4 main styles and the same 4 styles are available for the Solid Panel Shutter range too.

1. Full Height Interior Shutters

2. Cafe Style Interior Shutters

3. Tier On Tier Interior Shutters

4. Arched or Any Shape Shutters

When shopping or looking to Buy Interior Shutters what are the key-points to look out for?

The first thing to check is the the material from which they are made.

Here at Signature Shade we offer a full compliment of materials including Basswood Shutters, Larchwood Shutters, Cedar Shutters, Permawood Shutters (also known as Poly Shutters), Engineered Wood Shutters, and MDF Shutters.

The next thing to look for is the warranty offered. We offer a full 3 years warranty on all our products for total peace of mind.

And the final key point to look at is satisfied customers. We have satisfied customers with our shutters for the past 7 Years with many offering personal testimonials with regard to not only the quality of the shutters but also the quality of the installation.

Are You Looking For Interior Shutters?

Signature Shade offers a no obligation home survey for everyone interested in having Interior Plantation Shutters installed in their home. During the survey we will measure your windows, show you a full range of samples and colours, discuss your personal requirements, demonstrate the shutters flexible lighting solutions and finally provide you with a value for money quotation with no hidden extras.

If you too want Interior Shutters in your home please book your Free Home Survey today to avoid disappointment as places are limited.   Call 0845 058 9425 Or simply get a quick shutter quote online.